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Monday, April 6, 2009

WHO YOU CALLIN' POPS? Basketball Coaches vs. Metallica

Ever wanted to see Bob Knight, Rick Pitino, Mike Krzyzewski, and Roy Williams dancing around in their boxer shorts? Neither did I. But it is rather hilarious to see these coaching legends relaxed and proves they are human after all. Whitney, I love you. Also, I love how Coach Knight calls it, "The Guitar Hero...."

It's a perfect example of quality NCAA tournament advertising. I've only seen it once, it's hysterical, and I'll remember it. Well done, Guitar Hero people. “Obviously it’s a parody of ‘Risky Business’ that we’ve all seen and kind of imagined yourself doing it, although you can’t tell your players and your family that you’ve imagined doing it,” Krzyzewski told a camerman. “So getting the opportunity to be a part of that is kind of a really cool thing. And then to do it with Coach Knight, and Roy and Rick—that made it even better.”

Guitar Hero Metallica Ad Featuring College Basketball Coaches, and Metallica -

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