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Friday, January 9, 2009



Coaches, these are the notes I have available for trade/download. Contact me and let me know which notes you want me to email you. If its not on this list, I can contact some coaches and find what you want or need. Good luck and GO CATS!

Lead with Passion Book Review
Nike Clinic 2006
Herb Livsey: Warrior Drills
Mike McConthany: Late game situations and man plus drill
Nike Clinic: 2006 various coaches: Scott Abudato, Homer Drew, Mark Few, Brad Stevens skill improvement notes
Jerry Wainwright: Perimeter play and fastbreak
Will Rey: Box and one vs. a wing, pt. guard, or post
Ernie Kent: "Open" Transition game and Early offense
Steve Fisher: Michigan Post Double notes
Caroline McCombs: Valparaiso University (Women's): Individual player development
Niagara Basketball : Basic sets
Middle Tenn. Women's : Total Option offense Passing Game
Randy Nesbitt: Citadel Motion Offense
Total Offensive package: 2-3 High Motion offense, zone offenses vs. any zone, sideline obs vs. man or zone, baseline obs vs. man or zone (30 pages - very detailed)
Dennis Felton: 4 game
Eric Bridgeland: Pugent Sound Offense
Jerry Petitgoues Triple Post Offense (2 pages)
Tex Winter's Triangle Post Offense (29 pages)
Dennis Felton's Georgia 4 game with drills
Trent Johnson - Vegas clinic 05
Rick Majerus - Breaking Switches
John Kresse - Zone offenses
John Kresse - Offensive and Defensive game winners
Jay Wright - Villanova's motion offense
Jay Wright - St. Bendict's Prep clinic
Jay Wright - Motion Offense
Jay Wright - How to teach motion offense
Jay Wright - Breakdown drills for motion offense
Jay Wright - Attacking Footwork Drills for perimeter players
Jay Wright - 21 skill development drills
Dick Bennett - Pack Line Defense
Dick Bennett - Defending the Lane
Bruce Weber - Vegas 06
Bobby Lutz - Quick Hitters
Bobby Huggins - Vegas 05
Bobby Huggins - Vegas 97
Bobby Huggins - Hutch 96
Australian "AIS" conditioning plan
Joe Scott: Denver Basketball clinic 2007
Ganon Baker: Fiba article on the "Lost art of the Jumpshot"
Business Leadership book: Five Dysfunctions of a team summary
Hoopsource: Basketball Drill Sheet
Coach K: 1988 Basketball Clinic
Larry Brown: Indiana Pacers Practice Plan (1 page)
Bobby Hurley: Practice Plan (1 page)
Bobby Knight: Indiana Practice Plan (1 page)
Fran Franschilla: Practice Organization notes
George Raveling: Junior Nike Practice plan notes
Open Post Offense notes
UCLA offense
Shuffle Offense
Mike Dunlap: Defensive Philosophy
Hubie Brown: Techniques and Strategies
Don Meyer: Coaching clinic notes
John Beilein: Michigan clinic notes
Ramsey: Basketball conditioning program (1 page)
Diamondback Football program
France Pro League stuff
Spain Pro League stuff
Spain Pro League: Scouting
Jim Boeheim 2-3 zone defense notes
Vance Walberg Defensive Philosophy
John Kresse: 2-2-1 press
John Kresse: 1-2-2 and 1-3-1 zones
Los Angeles Lakers: 1977 playbook
Indiana Basketball Playbook
European Multiple Defense
SMU: Half Court Shooting Drills
European Offenses: 4 different offenses
European Pick and Roll Defense
Puerto Rico Scout offense (European offense)
Don Meyer: Creating Turnovers with selective trapping
Teacher's Influence
Mike Dunlap: 1-1-3 zone defense
Mark Turgeon: Texas AM Secondary Break
Todd Lickliter: Butler Offensive sets
Pete Gillen: Developing a post game
Open Post Motion offense
Iowa: Press Break
4 out, 1 in motion offense
1-1-1-2 Conceal Press defense
Jere Quinn (St. Thomas Prep): Philosophy of Coaching
Gregg Popovich: How to Scrimmage
Own the lane Post workout
Dave Leitao: NABC clinic notes
North Carolina: Complete conditioning workout observation
Orlando Magic Summer league observations
Purdue Preseason workout
Indiana WNBA Fever Practice observations
Jerry Petitgoue: Youth Practice workouts
Mike Dunlap: 1-1-3 Matchup zone defense
John Saintignon: Pass-option secondary break
Double Pump Clinic: notes from this fall
Wisconsin Green Bay: clinic notes
Bob Huggins: Open Post notes with Diagrams
Bob Huggins: Open Post notes without Diagrams
Italian 2003 clinic: Wheel offense (50 pages worth)
International NBA Clinic: Belgrade 2002 clinic
Post player moves and skills notes
Dick Bennett: Defensive concepts
Coach K: Basketball Thoughts
Rick Pitino: Ball Defense
Mike Brey: Offensive footwork
Steve Hawkins: Man Defense
Cheryl Burnett: Scramble Defense
Jim Boone: Packline Defense and Motion offense
LaSalle Academy: Big Men workouts
Princeton Offense: Twenty rules to make it work
Don Meyer: Things that we have to learn
NBA EuroLive Tour: playbook
Larry Gipson: Motion Offense notes
Pete Carril: Princeton High Post Offense
Rick Majerus: Half Court Man to Man Defense
Flex Ball Screen Offense"
Zip out of bounds play
Will Rey: Combination Defenses
Larry Shyatt: Face Guard Defense
Vance Walberg: Vance Walberg Nation Offense handouts
Art of Defense
Mike DeVillivis: Mini clinics
Bullets Open Post Offense
Triangle and Two defense
A Bunch of Set Plays
A Bunch of Continuity Zone offenses
Oliver Purnell: Team Chemistry
Kevin O'Neill: Priority Man to Man Defense
Jeff Van Gundy: Basketball Clinic when he was with the New York Knicks
UNC Practice Plan: 10-19-07
Tom Crean Coaches Packet
7 Great Pressure releases for any offense (one page)
LMU Break (notes typed with diagrams)
Motion versus zone (one page)
Don Meyer: 1-1-3 matchup zone
Kelvin Sampson: 1-4 offense notes
Blaine Taylor : 14 options for Transition Game
Warrior Drills
Leadership Summaries 2
John Beilein: Michigan Coaching clinic notes
Stan Van Gundy: We Play Hard Clinic: Pick and Roll Offense (24 pages in detail with diagrams)
Steve Smith: Oak Hill Defensive notes
Lason Perkins: Offensive set notes
Don Meyer: NSU shooting camp / practice
Team Arete: General Thoughts
Transition : To Flex Offense
Pete Gaudet: Post man notes
Paul Hewitt: Georgia Tech Motion offense
Leadership Book Summaries
Xavier/ Wright State / Dayton practice notes
John Calipari / Larry Brown Coaches clinic retreat
Executive leadership summaries (Leadership articles)
Georgia Tech Inbounds plays
Dennis Felton: New Georgia motion offense concepts
Kelvin Sampson: Coaching clinic notes
Leadership articles published by Basketball Sense
Mike Dunlap: More coaching notes
Pete Newell/Mike Dunlap: Coaching clinic notes
Mike Dunlap: Offensive transition notes
Mike Dunlap: Footwork warmup
Dick Bennett: Blocker/Mover offense
Bill Parcells: Finding a way to win
Mike Dunlap: Combination of Mike Dunlap Coaching clinics
Ralph Miller: Pressure Basketball
Football Coaching Matters: Collection of notes from various football coaches
Hal Wissel: Basketball Shooting
Basketball Shooting Lead-up Drills
Basketball Shooting Mechanics
Catch and Shoot Jump Behind the Ball or Step In
Correcting Errors in ShootingFree Throw Shooting
Mental Practice Perfect Shot
Shooting Off Dribble
Shoot-Out Drill
Step Back Jump Shot Off Dribble
Greg Popovich: my favorite drills
Herb Welling: The Dribble Motion offense and Building the dribble motion offense
Jerry Wainwright: Game Situations (slobs, blobs, and coaching)
Steve Smith: Oak Hill Drills
Kevin Sutton: 26 Skill Developement Drills
Jamie Dixon: Pitt notes (2 pages)
Tim Miles: Triangle offense notes
Tubby Smith: Notes on Black/White press
Skip Prosser: Matchup Press
Bill Walsh: Various articles and notes
John Beilein coaching notes
Double Pump Coach's clinic notes from LA, California (summer 2007)
Oak Hill Academy's 40 series: Man Quick Hitters
Jay Wright: How to teach the Motion Offense system
Jay Wright: Breakdown Drills for 4-out, 1 in motion offense
Jay Wright: 4-out, 1-in motion summary
Vance Walberg clinic at Rocklin
Vance Walberg: Half court defense
Mike Dunlap: 2-2-1 press
Emporia State: Point Zone article
Vance Walberg: Rocklin Coaching clinic notes
Mike Dunlap: Defensive Philosophy notes
Tim Floyd: Playing without size clinic notes
Vance Walberg Defense: Full Court Press notes
Vance Walberg: Mid-South Clinic notes from Tunica
Nike Clinic 2005 notes with diagrams
Nike Clinic 2006 notes with diagrams
Nike Championship Coaches clinic (sept. 2006)
Bruce Weber: 20 essential defensive drills
Bruce Weber: Motion Offense
Patrick Hunt: Motion offense
New York Coaches clinic presentation (one page)
Bobby Knight: Motion offense
Steve Alford: Drills for Motion offense
Fran Franchilla: Hoops 101
Bill Self: KU Press Break notes
Joe Ciampi: 1-1-3 matchup zone notes
Dave Leitao: Attacking 2-2-1 press
Mark Few: Flex for Success
Mike D'Antoni: Coaching notes
Barnigini Develoment work from FIBA magazine
MB Clinic 2001: Oliver Purnell, Paul Hewitt, Dr. Tom Davis
Kevin Eastman Individual workout camp
UNC Wilimington Clinic notes: (Brad Brownell, Jerry Wainwright, Tubby Smith)
Coaching Wisdom to Ponder notes
Billy Donovan Post Development drills
Thad Matta Clinic notes
Xavier Newsletter (from Sean Miller) couple articles, X's and O's.
Arizona Women's Program study
Arizona Men's Program study
Gary Waters 3 out 2 in motion offense
Kelvin Sampson coaching clinic
Coach K coaching notes
Phil Martelli Practice organization notes
Sherri Coale Motion notes
Pat Summitt Baden clinic notes
Mark Few Individual Improvement notes
Kelvin Sampson, Skip Prosser, Lon Kruger, Renee Portand at a Nike Clinic
Jim Harrick Program at Georgia (practice plans, offense, 2-3 defense, transition defense, etc.)
Collection of one page notes:
(Kevin Eastman 6 musts, Bobby Hurley pg play, Missouri Leadership page, Kim Mulkey Robertson ideas)
Basketball Sense: Vol 12, number 3 and 4
Collection of great notes: (Dick Davey flex, Tom Crean: building a program, Steve Smith: Secondary break, etc)
Billy Donovan article from Basketball sense
Bobby Knight (Baden clinic)
Stan Heath (Baden Clinic)
Dave Odom Clinic Notes (Pressbreak)
Skip Prosser clinic notes (Wake Forest Head coach at Dematha clinic)
Todd Lickliter clinic notes (Butler Basketball)
Basketball sense Vol 12, Number 2
Bill Self: Pressbreak
Lady Vols Clinic with Pat Summitt
Lawrence Frank: How to build a motion offense Kevin O' Neill : Wing Skill Development
Kevin O' Neill: Drills
Kevin O' Neill: Individual Skill Development
Dean Smith : Run and Jump Press
Dean Smith: 4 corners delay game
Kevin O'Neill: 3 out 2- in, motion offense
Kevin O' Neill: Secondary Break
Kevin O Neill: Shell Drill Handouts
Kevin O' Neill: Program Facts
Press Break: 3 simple diagrams (Press break, Simple Press break for late in the game, Domino Press break)Kevin O' Neill: Defensive Thoughts
Kevin O' Neill: Press offense
Kevin O' Neill: Match-up zone
Kevin O' Neill: Motion offense
Kevin O' Neill: Man Set Plays
Kevin O' Neill: Zone Offense
Kevin O' Neill: Post Skill development drills
Al Skinner: Boston College Flex offense and secondary break into Flex offense
Xavier newsletter
UNC Transition game notes
UNC Practice plan for one day
David Loos: Hi-Low motion game and entries
Muffet McGraw: Spread Triangle
Tara Vanderveer: Stanford's triangle offense
Jim Larranaga: Scramble defense stuff
Grinnell system: How it works
Grinnell system: Power point presentation
Jim Larranga Notes with diagrams
Detroit Pistons Training camp notes
Tom Crean: Individual Workout notes
Pat Summitt: Notes from clinic in 2006
Michigan State Program notes: set plays and out of bounds plays
Georgia Tech: Point Zone Defense
Georgia Tech: Individual workouts
Greg Brittenitam (New York Knicks) - Individual conditioning drills
Jerry Krause (Gonzaga ): Becoming a coach of significance
Mike Dunlap: Colorado Coaching academy
Bruce Pearl : Cutter's series, Individual Improvement drillsVols strength and conditioning program
Flex offense: Different types of them
Run and Gun Book #2 Run and Jump Press Book
Georgia Tech: Zone Offense
Georgia Tech: Secondary Break
Georgia Tech: Individual Defense
Georgia Tech: Matchup-press
Georgia Tech: Motion Offense
Nike Clinic 2006: Lorenzo Romar, Trent Johnson, Tubby Smith, Bruce Weber, Gary Williams, Tim Floyd
John Chaney "System"
Grinnell Offensive system
Don Meyer Clinic 2006
Don Meyer Free Fall Clinic 2006
Don Meyer: Developing your post players
Pete Carril: Princeton Backdoor offense
Bill Foster: University of Miami Philosophy
Don Meyer Clinic at Oak Ridge 2006
Fresno City College handout (Vance Walberg)
Defensive system notes (Mike Jarvis)

John Wooden UCLA offense breakdown by Espn's Coach Fran Franchilla
A high school playbook that contains: Man to man offense, Matchup zone, defense, Out of bounds,Run and Jump Defense
Man freelance offense, and 4 game offense
Mike Heideman: Pressure Defense
University of Redlands System (Run and Gun system)
Princeton Offense: Hi and Low sets
Nike Myrtle Beach Clinic notes: Jay Wright coaching notes
Bobby Cremins coaching notes
Mike Montgomery coaching notes
Larry Brown coaching notes
Bob McKillop coaching notes
Bobby Lutz coaching notes
Billy Donovan: "Build up to matchup press"
Hank Iba: Delay Game
Rick Pitino: Full court 3pt shooting drill
Rick Pitino: Pressing system
Gary Williams, Roy Williams, Dave Odom clinic
Hubie Brown notes
Bob Knight: 2004 clinic
Jim Calhoun: 2004 clinic
Bruiser Flint: Hard-Nosed, Closeout Defense coaching notes
One page - philosophy reviews, out of bounds plays
One page philosophy notes: Bobby Huggins: 2-3 zone
Bobby Hussey: Special Situations
Bruce Weber: Building a Program
Coach K: Championship Practices
Dean Keener: 55 concept and ideas for becoming a better coach
Dick Bennett: Man to Man Defense
Gene Keady: 6 steps to maintaining team intensity
Hubie Brown: Thoughts on Practice
Jim Boeheim: 2-3 zone
John Calipari: Individual Improvement
Rick Majerus: Post Play development
Tom Izzo: Special Teams for Championship teams
Out of bounds plays:2000-2001
Golden State Warriors out of bounds series
Bruce Pearl Out of Bound plays series
Random Notes:Tips from Duane Silver
Bruce Pearl - Coaching notes
Bruce Pearl - Out of bounds series (one page)
Pat Summitt - 2006 clinic
John Calipari - UMASS philosophy and notes
Billy Donovan: Ball screen concepts / transition game
Dean Cooper (Assitant coach for Jeff Van Gundy): Pick and Roll Offense of the Houston Rockets
2nd annual Basketball Coaches Retreat held at University of Memphis (Larry Brown, John Calipari, several other NBA coaches and college coaches) 126 pages

Kevin Eastman: Nike Hoop Jamboree clinic notes
Jeff Van Gundy: Ball Screens
Lawrence Frank: Early Offense
UCONN 2-2-1 Press
Coaching clinic in Texas (2004) (Willis Wilson, Billy Gillispie, Paul Hewitt, Tom Penders, Dave Leito)
Mike Fratello: 3pt shotRick Majerus: Coaching notes (100 pages)
Dana Altman: High Post Offense
Jim Boeheim: 2-3 Matchup zone notes(notes with diagrams)
Bruce Weber: 20 Competitive drills for a championship defense
David Robbins: Circle Defense
Ken Sheilds: Building a man to man defense (superconference 2000)
Peter Lonergan (Australia coach) - Establishing an interior game
Jeff Van Gundy: Pick and Roll Offense (BC Canada notes)
Craig Beaucamp (University of Victoria): Vikes Offense - Basic Motion
Billy Donovan's Spread Pick-N-Roll offense notes
Dick Bennett Defensive notes with diagrams (only two pages)
Jeff Van Gundy: Pick and Roll Offense
Ken Shields Defense
Mike Dunlap Defense
Ballard High School Shell Drill
Big Man / Little Man transition drill
Roy Williams on Leadership
Michigan State Program stuff 1-2-1-1 Press explaination
Eric Mussleman: Motivation and Coaching notes
Mark Turgeon: Texas AM Set Play notes
Utah Jazz Philosophy
Rick Pitino: Individual Offense notes
Notes from Australia:Defending 94 feet notes
Mike Dunlap Aussie Clinic notes
Jan Sterling Aussie Clinic notes
Teaching on the ball screen notes
Vance Walberg article out of Basketball sense
Memphis attack basketball notes from TABC
Denny Crum pressnotes
1-2-2 press by Illinois coaching greats
Austrailian coaching program outline
Austrailan set plays
Bob Marlin: Transition Defense
Mike Moran: Platooning system
Pat Knight: Motion Offense/ Man Defense
Lon Kruger: Unlv playbook
Jay Bilas: State of the Game
Pat Summitt: clinic with diagrams
Geno Auriemma: Coaching the High Post offense(Nike Clinic - 2005) (Roy Williams, Dick Bennett, Gary Williams, etc..)
Roy Williams - TABC clinic notes
Scott Drew: Individual Development program
Baylor Individual Development program
Don Meyer clinic: How to build a program
A Pressing Package system: How to do it, drills, what type of offenses to run with it
Forrest Larson: Getting better with basketball
Walberg Clinic from UC Davis in 2006
Vance Walberg Clinic from West Valley JC in 2006
Don Meyer Coaching academy featuring Rick Majerus (April 2007)
Mike Dunlap - Ohlone JC Clinic (2005)
Princeton Offense: 75 page booklet
Chris Lowery : Competitive Half court defensive drills
Chris Lowery: Competitive Transition Drills
Mike Dunlap: Practice Planning dvd notes
Harry Pettera - Villanova motion offense
Princeton offense (Low post play, Chin series)
Vance Walberg System by Oceanside HS
Bob Hurley: Coaching an uptempo practice
Dick Bennett : Coaching notes from an old clinic (22 pages worth)
Butler Coaching clinic (2004)
Tom Izzo: Dominating Rebounding and Man to Man defense
Gregg Marshall: Pressure Matchup zone defense
Joe Ciampi : Matchup defense, drills included too
Joanne P. McCallie: Matchup Defense notes
Fred Trenkle's Rapid Option Delay Offense
Dick Bennett coaching notes
Don Meyer coaching notes
Georgia Tech Point Zone Defense
Illinois State Zone Offense
May Nike Vegas Clinic
Alan Stein: Building a Championship Program with Off Season Workouts
Sherri Coale, Little Things That Matter
Tony Barone, The Fast Break Philosophy and Development
Chuck Daly, Lou Canesecca, Jerry Tarkanian, and Eddie Sutton: Legends Panel Discussion
Ben Braun, Cal Basketball
John Thompson III, Zone Offensive Concepts
John Brady, Tiger Basketball
Billy Gillespie-Our Defensive Philosophy
Flip Saunders: Match-up Defense
Tom Davis: Modified Flex offense
1-1-3 Matchup zone defense
Gator Funadmentals (shooting drills off Billy Donovan's website)
Billy Gillispie coaching notes
Roy Williams coaching notes
Herb Sendek coaching notes
Brad Soderberg coaching notes
Dennis Wolfe's 1-4 pressbreaker series
Jim Saia 1-4 set offense
Hubie Brown : Secrets of Winning 1 and 2
Hubie Brown: Special situations
Pat Summit Clinic notes
Don Meyer Clinic notes
Mike Divillbiss: 2-3 trap "The Buzz"
Doug Bruno: Eight Interchangeable Offensive Sets
Coach K: Duke Agility and conditioning drills for defense
Don Meyer Clinic notes
Jim Saia 1-4 set offense notes
Mike Anderson "40 Minutes of Hell"
Kevin Eastman: Skill Developement
Bobby Lutz: 4out/1in offense set plays
Greg McDermott: Set Play offense and Individual Improvement
Billy Donovan's Full Court matchup press
Bruce Pearl's 1-2-1-1 zone press
Dr. Tom Davis 1-2-1-1 zone press
Billy Donovan's Individual Skill Development
Billy Donovan's 10 Aggressive Transistion Drills
Karl Hobbs Transition Game
Bo Ryan's X zone offense
Jerry Petitgoues open post offense
Billy Donovan's Mastering the full court match-up zone press
Brian Gregory's 10 best practice Drills
Bob Huggins: Intense Practice drills
Bob Huggins: Smothering pressure
Bob Huggins: Open Post notes
Bruce Weber: drills for breaking full and half court traps
Gary Williams: Full court pressure defense
Skip Prosser: Rebounding drills
Eric Musselman: Coaching tapes (both of them)
Bill Self: Hi-low gameBobby Lutz Roy Williams: Secondary Break
Jim Larranaga's Full court scramble
Vance Walberg: Offensive system
Princeton High Post offense
Princeton Low Post offense
Villanova Zone Offense
Virginia's Half court offense with some flex action
Harry Pettra's 5 out motion offense
Mike Dunlap's notes on "Teaching basketball"
Florida Shooting Drills
Georgia's 4 man motion
Kevin Sutton Guard and Post Drills
Mike Garland: Michigan State rebounding notes (one page)
Don Meyer: 1999 coaches academy clinic
Steve Alford: How to run a program
Nolan Richardson: Arkansas program notes
Larry Brown: Secondary Break notes
Mike Dunlap: The truth test for 3 on 3
LMU Fastbreak notes (3 pages)
Iowa State Women's basketball: Set Plays
Dick Bennett: Washingston State handouts (2pages)
Stan Van Gundy: NBA applications for HS and College, Late Game and Special situations
Larry Eustachy: Motion entries
Jerry Wainwright: The 3 point play : Ideas, Concepts, and Plays
Jim Boone: Pressure pack line defense (14 pages like Dick Bennett's packline)
John Kresse: 2-2-1 zone press
Dick Bennett: Packline Defense notes
Jack Bennett: Gap man to man defense
Bruce Weber: Drills for 5 man motion offense
Steve Klaas : 1-3-1 traps and adjustments
Dale Brown: Freak Defense
Dick Bennett (Blocker/mover offense)
Bobby Gonzalez & John Kresse notes
HoopsU: Packline Defense
Mark Gottfried: Alabama Basketball Program
Rick Majerus: Coaches clinic 1998
Tod Kowalczyk: Practice notes
Nike Skills Academy notes
Jay Wright: Special Situations
Trent Johnson: Half court offense (Vegas 06)
Lorenzo Romar: Uptempo Game (Vegas 06)
Roy Williams: Tarheel Running game (Vegas 06)
Jim Harrick: Balanced Court offense
Lon Krueger: Unlv offensive sets (40 pages)
Butch Estes: Furman University Flex offense
John Kresse: 1-2-2 and 1-3-1 passing lane defenses
Loren Wallace: 1-2-2 press and half court defense
Bruce Weber: 20 Competitive drills for Championship defense
Roy Williams: Defensive numbering system
Phil Martelli: 10 ways to score
Ben Braun: Drills for improvement
Hubie Brown: Zone Offense
Steve Alford: All American workout
Triple Post offense
Wayne McClain: Drills for perimeter and post players
Sherri Coale Motion offense notes
Lou Henson Zone offense notes/Coach K zone offense notes
Mark Few: Post and Perimeter
Patrick Hunt: Australian Coachin clinic
Kelvin Sampson: Box Cont. offense
John Brady: Man offense

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