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Sunday, April 19, 2009

NBA Honors Longtime Piston Mentor

The NBA’s coaching fraternity is dedicating this Playoff season to the legendary Chuck Daly: “The National Basketball Coaches’ Association announced today that it will dedicate the 2009 NBA playoffs to former Pistons coach Chuck Daly. NBA coaches throughout the playoffs will wear a lapel pin emblazoned with the initials ‘CD’ as a show of support for Daly, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in February and is currently undergoing treatment…In addition to honoring Daly throughout the 2009 NBA playoffs, the NBCA also announced that it is developing the ‘Chuck Daly Lifetime Achievement Award’ to honor a current or former NBA coach (head coach or assistant).”

Some famous Chuck Daly coaching axioms - more well known as "Dalyisms"

  1. Offense is spacing and spacing is offense
  2. The defense cannot guard two good things in a row
  3. You are most open when you first catch the ball
  4. Get to the free throw line to stop a fast break team
  5. Defense doesn't break down on help, it breaks down on recovery
  6. The first shot won't beat you

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