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Monday, June 22, 2009

Basketball Coaches eBook Encyclopedia of NBA, College, and High School

Basketball Coaching Encyclopedia - 600 Pages on Every Topic

$20 Buy Now


This is over 600 pages of different clinic presenters diagrammed and typed to present to you this ebook. It has some of the most well known coaches from the NBA, college, and high school showing what makes their teams successful. This covers the basics of practice drills, to team offense, defense, and individual improvement. There really is no other ebook like this one that includes everything from individual defense to triangle and two offenses.

Develop your coaching philosophy from over 120 different coaches showing you their special situation defenses and free throw break organization. All the different defenses are diagrammed with teaching tips as well as the most popular offenses from the dribble drive, to the Princeton, to the old Flex and Swing offenses. This really is the total package for basketball coaches and I am offering it cheap to help out other coaches learn from some of the veterans of the game.

This ebook is only $20 and you wont be able to read it in a month. It has a ton of sections, each divided by the particular coach and their specialty.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Coach Better Basketball Practice Drills & Clinic Notes

Basketball Conditioning Drills & Best Practice Drills

344 PAGE eBook!! This is a collection of the best PDF files and scanned clinic notes ever assembled on conditioning, weight training, jump training, practice plans, practice schedules, and practice drills. A single DVD can often cost $45 and we are offering this for much less and it combines the best practice drills and conditioning drills.

Basketball Conditioning Drills - includes Duke's Agility & Defensive Drills, the Chicago Bulls Training Regimen, a high school program's complete workout, a spreadsheet workout plan, HIT conditioning, 2 sets of Alan Stein notes, and more. Over 250 pages of notes and plans...

Best Practice Drills Collection - includes 150 pages of the Memphis Coaching Retreat, Larry Brown Practice Ideas, 4 Seasons High School Complete System from man to man, zone, practice, UOOB, everything, 37 Essential Skills for Coaching by Eric Mussellman (NBA), Don Meyer Practice Planning 60 pages, Brian Gregory's 10 Best Practice Drills, Vance Wahlberg's Practice Drills for the Dribble Attack Offense, and many other team practice plans.

Also included on this DVD are notes from Greg Brittenham the renowned Chicago Bulls trainer, a dynamic flexibilty presentation, and Olympic weight training workout...more notes than you could read in a month.

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