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Friday, April 18, 2014

Rub Rip (Lawrence Frank Set Play)

While Lawrence Frank may not be currently employed as an NBA coach, his X's and O's acumen cannot be questioned. This is a basic rub set that he used to run when he was head coach of the New Jersey Nets. Coming down out of transition he had his point guard cross sides of the floor (already shown in the diagram) to give his point guard an attack right out of the gate.

Transition looks:
1) Pass ahead layup
2) Pass ahead hitting the rim runner
3) Pass ahead pick and roll
4) Rub series out of transition.

The very first diagram shows the basic rub set. Off of that look is a play called Rub Rip (the Rip call signifying a pick and roll).

 The 3 man then looks to set a for backscreen for the 4 man who looks for a layup. The ball is then passed up for 3 who can bomb if he is open.
 If he is not open for the shot, he comes off of a ballscreen from the 5 man. The 4 man replaces and the 2 man fills to the corner.


Remember that while it is always important to find the next best set, it is MORE important that the sets you run put your players in the best position to score, and what is MOST important is that your players are developing their skills to enhance their ability. Hopefully you enjoyed this post, if you did or did not let me know! If you have any request please message me on Twitter and I will happily post what you are looking for.

Have an excellent Easter and enjoy the start of the NBA playoffs!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Final Four Coaches Spotlight: Billy D-Utilizing the 3pt shot

In part of a continuing series by looking at some of the pet sets of coaches in the Final Four, today we look at Billy Donovan. Coach Donovan was immortalized as a player by utilizing the 3pt shot to propel Providence to the Final Four. As a coach, he has put an emphasis on 1) utilizing the 3pt shot on the offense and 2) not allowing the 3pt shot when on defense. Here are two plays that Billy D has utilized this season and in the past to get an open 3 pointer.

This first set is a pick and roll counter to free up a stretch 4, or to hit the 3 man for an open jumper in the corner.

This play is to free up the 2 guard for an open jumper, although you could easily run it to the opposite side for the 3 man. This play is great and really forces the defense to make some tough decisions on what they guard.

Coaches, hope you enjoy these plays and the Final Four action this weekend!

Want these plays on your FastDraw? Contact me on twitter (@jacobcollins34) and I would be more than happy to email them to you directly. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Final Four Coaches Spotlight

In reviving the posts and interest in Basketball Coaches' Club, I feel like the best way to re-energize the site is by taking time to look at some of the plays that got us to where we are: the Final Four. Bo Ryan, Billy Donovan, John Calipari, and Kevin Ollie all have different styles and have found success in many different ways.

This play is from Kentucky coach John Calipari and it has been used several times this postseason, often several possessions in a row. It is based on the ability to get a strong drive into the paint, from multiple players. It begins in a Horns set, by setting a ballscreen for attacking point guard Andrew Harrison. He comes hard off the screen looking to attack the rim, with the 5 man looking for a lob or duck in off of the roll. Julius Randle, the 4 man pops to the top of the key, to receive a pass from Harrison. He now looks to create by following Harrison's drive, by using his strong hand, size, speed, and strength to get to the rack.

Coaches if you have FastDraw, feel free to contact me on twitter (@jacobcollins34) so I can get your e-mail to FastTrade you these plays! Enjoy!

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