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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Best Basketball Workouts for Individual Improvement

Offensive and Defensive Skill Development eBook $15

With over 3000 pages of basketball information and more than 190 coaching clinic notes, this has all the information you need for perimeter or post players. Memphis breakdowns, Herb Welling notes, Nike, and Adidas Clinic notes are provided.

Listing of Coaching Notes:

2 annual central iowa 2007 clinic notes
37 essential skills to be a successful coach
Adidas Clinic coaches notes
Alan Stein: Clinic offseason strength and conditioning
Alan Stein: Active Warmup
Alan Stein: Pre-hab
Baylor Individual development
Ben Braun: 30 Fundamentals
Ben Braun: Cal Offensive Concepts
Ben Howland Notes
Bill Self: Hi-Low Offense Adidas Clinic
Billy Donovan: Individual Skill Development
Billy Donovan: Post Development
Billy Donovan: Perimeter player workout
Bo Ryan: Adidas Clinic: Swing Offense
Bob McKillop: Myrtle Beach notes
Bob McKillop: Springfield 2008: Program philosophy
Bob Huggins: Hutch 1996
Bob Huggins: Nike Vegas 2005
Bob Huggins: Nike Vegas 2007
Bob Huggins: Nike Vegas 1997
Bob Knight: Notes 2004
Bobby Cremins: Myrtle Beach Notes
Bobby Cremins: Notes
Bobby Hurley: Notes
Bobby Knight: Offensive clinic
Bobby Lutz: Myrtle Beach notes
Bobby Lutz: Myrtle Beach: Quick Hitters
Bobby Knight: Baden Clinic 2005
Brad Stevens: Coaching clinic 2006
Brad Stevens: Coaching Clinic
Brad Stevens: TABC Clinic
Bruce Pearl: Adidas Clinic: Uptempo Transition
Bruce Weber: Nike Vegas 2006
Calipari, Larry Brown Coaching retreat
Caroline McCombs: Individual player development
Chris Fleming: Germany Clinic Notes
Coach K 1998 basketball clinic
Coach K: Zone Offense and Lou Henson Legends Clinic
Coach Meyer: Fall 2006 notes
Coaches Notebook
Coaching Clinic in Texas 2004
Coaching Notes: May 2005
Coaching Retreat Notes: 2007 Tunica
Cotton Fitzsimmons: Memorial Basketbal Clinic
Dave Leito: TABC clinic: Building your Profile
Dave Odom Coaching Clinic
Dave Odom: Nike Springfield 2008: Zone offense
Dave Thrope: Skills overload
Dave Leitao: Notes from NABC 2007
Dick Bennett, Bobby Gonzalez, John Kresse, and etc.
Dick Davey, Steve Smith, Todd Lickliter, Tom Crean notes
Dino Gaudio: Nike Clinic 2008: Rebounding
Don Meyer: 1999 Coaches Academy
Don Meyer: Graceland Clinic: Whole system
Don Meyer: Nike Clinic: Our game sheet of special situations
Don Meyer: Coaching Academy 2007: Rick Majerus
Don Nelson: Bellgrade 2002: Notes
Don Meyer: Building a program
Don Meyer: Fall 2006: Notes
Don Meyer: Post man notes
Don Meyer: Oak Ridge 2006 clinic notes
Double Pump: Coaches clinic notes 2007
Eastman: Chair Series
Eddie Sutton: Notes
Eric Musselman: Motivation and coaching
Evan Pickman: Five Star Basketball: Post development
Gary Pinkel: Baton Rouge Clinic: Buiding a program
Gator Fundamentals
George Raveling: Nike practice planning clinic
Georgia Tech: Individual workouts
Greg Brittenham: Individual Conditioning drills
Greg McDermott: Individual Improvement
Herb Livsey: Teaching Shooting
Herb Livsey: Warrior Drills
Herb Sendek: ASU fundamentals
Hubie Brown: Coaching notes
Hubie Brown: Notes
Individual Techniques and techniques on offense and defense
International NBA Belgrade clinic 2002
Jay Wright: Myrtle Beach 2008: Plays for Players
Jay Wright: Myrtle Beach 2008: Plays for Players 2
Jay Wright: Attacking Footwork drills: Perimeter Players
Jay Wright: Competitive Shooting
Jay Wright: St. Bendict’s Prep notes
Jeff Van Gundy: New York Knicks Clinic
Jeff Young: Concentration and Conditioning drills
Joe Scott: Denver Clinic
John Beilein: Coaching articles
John Beilein: Nike Clinic 2002
John Beilein: WV Practice drills
John Calipari: Adidas Clinic notes
John Calipari: Coaching retreat notes 2007
John Thompson III: Nike Clinic 2007: Georgetown Zone Offense
John Calipari: Individual Improvement
Kelvin Samspon: Coaching Clinic
Kelvin Sampson, Skip Prosser, Lon Kruger, Renee Portland
Kelvin Sampson: Notes
Kevin Eastman: Boston Celtics: Individual Instruction
Kevin Eastman: Individual workout camp
Kevin O’Neill: Nike Clinic 2008: My defensive concepts
Kevin O’ Neill: Post Skill Development
Kevin O’ Neill: Skill Development
Kevin Stallings: Developing a successful program
Kevin Stallings: Vanderbilt Practice Oct. 2007
Kevin Stallings: Vanderbilt Practice Nov 2007
Kevin Sutton: 26 Skill Development drills
Kevin Sutton: Fatigue shooting, 2 ball drills, shooting basketball dvds
Kevin Eastman: Boston Celtic workouts
Kevin Eastman: Nike Hoop Jam
Kevin O’Neill: Individual development
Larry Brown: Myrtle Beach: Early Offense
Lisa Stone: 2007 clinic notes
LSU: Women’s Structure and Sean Miller Xavier clinic notes
Mac Petty: Wabash Coaching Clinic
Mark Few: Big Man Clinic
Mark Few: Individual Improvement
Mark Few: Gonzaga Individual instruction
Matt Brown: UMKC Individual Offense Fundamentals
Matt Driscoll: Baylor Individual Improvement with diagrams
Matt Painter: 2007 clinic
May 2007 Nike Clinic: Vegas
MB Clinic 2001
Mike Brey: Notre Dame coaching clinic 2004
Mike Dunlap: Australian Clinic
Mike Dunlap: Metro State Clinic
Mike Montgomery: Myrtle Beach 2008: Notes
Mike Moreau: Five Star Basketball: Individual Improvement
Mike DeVillivis: Mini Clinics
NABC Final Four 2008 clinic notes
NCAA special situations
Nike 2008: Oliver Purnell, Gary Williams, Billy Gillispie
Nike 2006: Lorenzo Romar, Tubby Smith, Roy Williams
Nike Myrtle Beach 2008 clinic
Nike Pittsburgh 2001: John Chaney, Coach K, Gary Waters, etc
Nike Robinsonville: Roy Williams, Chris Lowery, Lorenzo Romar
Nike 2006: Vegas clinic notes with diagrams
Nike 2006: Coaches clinic
Nike Clinic: 2005
Nike Clinic: 2005 plays
Nike Clinic: 2006
Nike Coaches Academy from Europe
Nike Skills Academy 2005
NYS Coaches Clinic
Pat Summitt: Definite Dozen and strength training
Pat Summitt: Lady Vol clinic
Pat Summitt: Lady Vols Practice Organization
Pat Summitt: Strength Training 2006
Pat Summitt: Baden Clinic
Pete Newell: Mike Dunlap Clinic
Pete Stricland: DC clinic 2007
Phil Martelli: High tempo drills
Phil Martelli: Fundamentals
Phil Martelli: Practice Organization
Rick Majerus: OCA basketball clinic
Rick Pitino: Boston Celtics: Predraft workout and practice plan
Rick Pitino: Louisville Individual workouts
Rick Pitino: Louisville Basketball clinic
Rob Evans: Arizona State Program stuff
Rob Jeter: IBCA 2006 clinic
Roy Williams: TABC 2005
San Jose State coaching clinic 2008
Scott Adubato: Five Star: Perimeter Player Drills
Sean Miller: Offensive Improvement Drills
Seth Greenburg: Nike Clinic 2008
Sherri Coale: Little things that matter
Skip Prosser: Coaching clinic notes
Slyvia Hatchell: Nike Clinic 2008: Winning Carolina Way
Stan Van Gundy: AIA 2006
Steve Alford: Hot to build a Program
Steve Alford: Iowa Individual workouts
Steve Fisher: SDSU Funadmentals and shooting
Steve Smith: Oak Hill Drills
Steve Nash Workout
Thad Matta: Clinic notes
Thad Matta: Nike Clinic 2008: Player Development
Tim Grgurich: Instruction development
Tips for coaching shooters
Tod Kowolczak: WBCA 2007
Todd Lickliter: Iowa Offensive fundamentals
Tom Crean: Individual workouts
Tom Crean: Individual workout drills
Trent Johnson: Nike Vegas 2006
UCLA May 2007 clinic
UNC Wilmington Clinic notes
USA coaches clinic in St. Louis 2008
Vance Walberg: Rocklin 2008 notes

Sunday, April 19, 2009

NBA Honors Longtime Piston Mentor

The NBA’s coaching fraternity is dedicating this Playoff season to the legendary Chuck Daly: “The National Basketball Coaches’ Association announced today that it will dedicate the 2009 NBA playoffs to former Pistons coach Chuck Daly. NBA coaches throughout the playoffs will wear a lapel pin emblazoned with the initials ‘CD’ as a show of support for Daly, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in February and is currently undergoing treatment…In addition to honoring Daly throughout the 2009 NBA playoffs, the NBCA also announced that it is developing the ‘Chuck Daly Lifetime Achievement Award’ to honor a current or former NBA coach (head coach or assistant).”

Some famous Chuck Daly coaching axioms - more well known as "Dalyisms"

  1. Offense is spacing and spacing is offense
  2. The defense cannot guard two good things in a row
  3. You are most open when you first catch the ball
  4. Get to the free throw line to stop a fast break team
  5. Defense doesn't break down on help, it breaks down on recovery
  6. The first shot won't beat you

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Basketball Plays and Individual Workout Notes from the Best

We have an eBook that is over 200 pages for purchase and direct download for only $12 which includes the following notes from the best in the NBA. Just look below at what is offered in this set and learn from the world''s best coaches.

Phoenix Suns Offense - 8 pages
1974 Laker Playbook - 43 pages
Greg Poppovich Favorite Drills & Motion Offense
SOS Defensive System - 31 slides Powerpoint
NBA Pre-Draft Camp Notes
Utah Jazz Philosophy
Charlotte Bobcats Scouting Report of Utah Jazz
Chicago Bulls Training Camp
Detroit Pistons Training Camp
WNBA Indiana Fever - 2 Practice Plans
Boston Celtics Practice Plan
Larry Brown Myrtle Beach Clinic Notes
Jeff Van Gundy - Knicks Defensive Philosophy - 15 pages
Bullets Open Post Offense
Steve Nash Shooting
Golden State Warrior Out of Bounds Plays
NBA Eurolive Tour Notes
Kevin Eastman Individual Improvement Notes
Kevin Eastman - 26 Skill Development Drills
Hubie Brown Special Situations
Hubie Brown How to Win with Less Talent
Hubie Brown Playbook for Success
Eric Musselman - Motivation and Coaching
Mike Dunlap Defensive Philosophy

Miami Heat 'No Go Out' Policy

Leadership by the best players is what separates the good NBA teams from the average NBA teams. It is the same at any level from college to high school. Just take a look at what Cleveland has been able to do under the leadership of their superstar Lebron James.

This is a good story about the Miami Heat and their superstar Dwyane Wade. His leadership for the Heat has put him in the MVP discussion. This weekend the playoffs begin and the Heat open up in Atlanta. This can be a burden on some teams since NBA players are often treated like rock stars in the night clubs and bars. Ask any player which NBA cities are the most fun to visit, and Atlanta quickly comes up. The scene, the nightlife, it's a tantalizing combination. And this week, it's forbidden to Heat players. Not by decree of the coaches -- but by captains Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem.

"I think it's the best leadership and the strongest leadership that these guys have shown here in a Heat uniform," Miami coach Erik Spoelstra said. "That's the most powerful. We've talked about it all the time as a staff. Sometimes that can fall on, you know, not deaf ears, but when your veteran guys and your captains say that, I think that's a beautiful thing."

"The veteran guys before us, when we came in to the league like Brian Grant, Eddie Jones, that's what they believed in," said Wade, referring to two former Heat captains. "So this is the core of what we know. This is focus time. This isn't play time. Play time is the summer. You can do what you want in the regular season, too. Not now. We're the leaders, so we're just going from what we know."

"The No. 1 focus right now is to take care of business," Haslem said.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

eBook on Kentucky Dribble Drive Motion Offense - Formerly Memphis Dribble Drive by John Calipari


Coaches, this an e-book that contains a wealth of information on Coach Walberg's system of dribble drive offense. Over 150 pages on one eBook that contains all the breakdown drills for this offense. This is the same offense that John Calipari used at Memphis this season to reach the National Championship game.

It includes all of the notes, diagrams, build up drills, breakdown notes, and full court press philosophy to help implement this system. It also includes a section on set plays to use in this offense. A great package to understand this new style of offense.

Flex Offense eBook - Download Now
Greg Popovich Drills and Motion Offense - Download Now
Hubie Brown eBook - Download Now
Princeton Offense eBook - Download Now

The "dribble-drive motion offense" is the latest, popular "hot" offense seen at the college, pro, and high school levels. The original innovator was Vance Walberg of Fresno City College and Pepperdine, and he called it his "AASAA" offense... meaning "attack, attack, skip, attack, attack". John Calipari, with his highly successful Memphis Tigers, has popularized it, modified it, and renamed it the "dribble-drive motion offense".

Guard dribble-penetration is the key, and dribble-penetration is one of the most difficult things for a defense to stop... plus it exposes the defenders to picking up fouls. This eBook contains a wealth of information on this offense.

This is the same offense that Calipari is bringing with him to Kentucky after being highly successful with it at Memphis. The offense focuses on individual improvement and is becoming one of the most popular offenses in use today. I hope you enjoy this eBook and it helps you implement this offense. for only $12.

John Beilein West Virginia or Michigan Style 2 Guard Offense

John Beilein's West Virginia Style 2 Guard Offense

This is a $15 eBook that diagrams this great offense that Coach Beilein and used at West Virginia and at Michigan. It includes the Chin set, the Shuffle set, and the Motion set. The best thing about this eBook is that it has a ton of sets and quick hitters that any coach could install. Also, it includes all of the breakdown drills and quick hitters that make this a successful offense. This is a great ebook to help you understand how to use this offense and its motion concepts. Each play is broken down then shown how they can flow from one set to another.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Go to A Winner

In his autobiography, "Stuff It," Dick Motta tells the story of how in 1968 Bulls owner/GM Dick Klein introduced the former Weber State coach to the press after hiring him as head coach of the Bulls, who were 29-53 the previous season:

"We've checked him out thoroughly. From the junior high to high school and college levels of basketball his teams have won over 80 percent of their games. When you have a toothache, you go to the dentist. When you're sick, you go to a doctor. When you have a losing team, you go to a winner. We have a losing team. And we have gone to a winner."

Coach Motta won 50 games or more in four of his eight seasons with the Bulls and later won an NBA title as coach of the Washington Bullets.

WHO YOU CALLIN' POPS? Basketball Coaches vs. Metallica

Ever wanted to see Bob Knight, Rick Pitino, Mike Krzyzewski, and Roy Williams dancing around in their boxer shorts? Neither did I. But it is rather hilarious to see these coaching legends relaxed and proves they are human after all. Whitney, I love you. Also, I love how Coach Knight calls it, "The Guitar Hero...."

It's a perfect example of quality NCAA tournament advertising. I've only seen it once, it's hysterical, and I'll remember it. Well done, Guitar Hero people. “Obviously it’s a parody of ‘Risky Business’ that we’ve all seen and kind of imagined yourself doing it, although you can’t tell your players and your family that you’ve imagined doing it,” Krzyzewski told a camerman. “So getting the opportunity to be a part of that is kind of a really cool thing. And then to do it with Coach Knight, and Roy and Rick—that made it even better.”

Guitar Hero Metallica Ad Featuring College Basketball Coaches, and Metallica -

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