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Thursday, April 9, 2009

eBook on Kentucky Dribble Drive Motion Offense - Formerly Memphis Dribble Drive by John Calipari


Coaches, this an e-book that contains a wealth of information on Coach Walberg's system of dribble drive offense. Over 150 pages on one eBook that contains all the breakdown drills for this offense. This is the same offense that John Calipari used at Memphis this season to reach the National Championship game.

It includes all of the notes, diagrams, build up drills, breakdown notes, and full court press philosophy to help implement this system. It also includes a section on set plays to use in this offense. A great package to understand this new style of offense.

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The "dribble-drive motion offense" is the latest, popular "hot" offense seen at the college, pro, and high school levels. The original innovator was Vance Walberg of Fresno City College and Pepperdine, and he called it his "AASAA" offense... meaning "attack, attack, skip, attack, attack". John Calipari, with his highly successful Memphis Tigers, has popularized it, modified it, and renamed it the "dribble-drive motion offense".

Guard dribble-penetration is the key, and dribble-penetration is one of the most difficult things for a defense to stop... plus it exposes the defenders to picking up fouls. This eBook contains a wealth of information on this offense.

This is the same offense that Calipari is bringing with him to Kentucky after being highly successful with it at Memphis. The offense focuses on individual improvement and is becoming one of the most popular offenses in use today. I hope you enjoy this eBook and it helps you implement this offense. for only $12.

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