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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Final Four Coaches Spotlight

In reviving the posts and interest in Basketball Coaches' Club, I feel like the best way to re-energize the site is by taking time to look at some of the plays that got us to where we are: the Final Four. Bo Ryan, Billy Donovan, John Calipari, and Kevin Ollie all have different styles and have found success in many different ways.

This play is from Kentucky coach John Calipari and it has been used several times this postseason, often several possessions in a row. It is based on the ability to get a strong drive into the paint, from multiple players. It begins in a Horns set, by setting a ballscreen for attacking point guard Andrew Harrison. He comes hard off the screen looking to attack the rim, with the 5 man looking for a lob or duck in off of the roll. Julius Randle, the 4 man pops to the top of the key, to receive a pass from Harrison. He now looks to create by following Harrison's drive, by using his strong hand, size, speed, and strength to get to the rack.

Coaches if you have FastDraw, feel free to contact me on twitter (@jacobcollins34) so I can get your e-mail to FastTrade you these plays! Enjoy!

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