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Friday, April 4, 2014

Final Four Coaches Spotlight: Billy D-Utilizing the 3pt shot

In part of a continuing series by looking at some of the pet sets of coaches in the Final Four, today we look at Billy Donovan. Coach Donovan was immortalized as a player by utilizing the 3pt shot to propel Providence to the Final Four. As a coach, he has put an emphasis on 1) utilizing the 3pt shot on the offense and 2) not allowing the 3pt shot when on defense. Here are two plays that Billy D has utilized this season and in the past to get an open 3 pointer.

This first set is a pick and roll counter to free up a stretch 4, or to hit the 3 man for an open jumper in the corner.

This play is to free up the 2 guard for an open jumper, although you could easily run it to the opposite side for the 3 man. This play is great and really forces the defense to make some tough decisions on what they guard.

Coaches, hope you enjoy these plays and the Final Four action this weekend!

Want these plays on your FastDraw? Contact me on twitter (@jacobcollins34) and I would be more than happy to email them to you directly. 

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