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Friday, July 30, 2010

Better luck next time, Hoosiers ...

One of the ugliest first half in Final Four’s history would turn into a real championship game 20 minutes too late. When any of the two teams can’t find their rhythm, it’s hard to have a good basketball game… When Hubbie Brown says he has never seen a worst Final Four game, you know there’s something wrong. When the best passing point-guard of the country, Steve Blake, throws chest passes in opponents’ hands and alley-hoop pass to invisible Maryland’s ghosts… Well you got to bench him a little. So far, doesn’t look good huh …?

However, watching the second half was more than exciting. Indiana coach Mike Davis decided to put motion away and set up his players with plays, which worked perfectly. Even though they were cold from the foul-line, the Hoosiers drained 10 of their 23 3-point attempts. With guards lighting it up from 3, the Hoosiers still couldn’t get the lead, against a solid Maryland defense. With 6 blocks and 12 steals, the Terrapins did really good on the defensive end. With Lonny Baxter and Chris Wilcox in the paint, Indiana struggled to get to the line, which wasn’t Maryland’s case. In fact, Maryland scored 20 points from the line, while Indiana only shot 7 of them. Even though Blake didn’t have a good game (0.8 AST/TO ratio), his teammate Juan Dixon gave the Terrapins a solid rhythm, scoring 18 points in 38 minutes of play.

Personally, I thought Maryland would come up with a much better offensive pattern; no, I do not doubt Terrapins’ talent. All I’m saying is that if TV didn’t show the score, any folk would’ve thought Indiana won the game (or almost won…). Expecting flex sets from everywhere and solid motion play, I saw a lost Maryland team, led by a point-guard that could barely make an inside pass. If Maryland didn’t have physical advantage, the rebounding game would’ve been a lot different (Thanks to Maryland’s bigs, grabbing 21 of 33 defensive rebounds.). Capitalizing on the fast-break, the Terrapins won with 2v1s, 3v2s and rebounding. The only easy shot out of a half-court set was seen early in the second half. Indiana opened every possible door for a blowout, but Maryland closed them all with terrible passing and bad shots.

From a Hoosiers stand point, they had an excellent second half, and fought until the end. Indiana players are always fueled with fundamentals, good footwork and toughness, which make them competitors for titles so often. With great set-plays execution and team defense, they succeeded to stay in the game, and tying the game a couple times. Here are some plays Indiana Hoosiers games:


Hoping to see Hoosiers come back on top again,

Coach Morrow

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