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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Princeton DVD

Coaches, we have a new Princeton Offense DVD available from Championship Productions. Winning with the Princeton Offense is a DVD our team put together with the help of Championship Productions that outlines the 6 interchangeable sets that comprise the Princeton Offense. We felt it was important to put this DVD out since NONE of the current DVDs available show a coach how to run the offense. Most of them show you parts of it like the CHIN set and act like the rest of the offense is a pure motion based offense. Nothing could be further from the truth and they are all sets based on the pass/dribble/cut that the player with the ball makes. We show all the sets and more importantly how the sets progress from one to another. We also include the teaching progression because while the sets are important to learn, knowing how to put the offense in with your team in invaluable. We will show you all the sets and diagram the offense here in this Princeton Offense eBook. Let me know if you have questions on the DVD and continue to ask me for requests.

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