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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Download Boston Celtics, Spurs, Hubie Brown, Mike D'Antoni, and Princeton Offense

Free Download of Boston Celtics, San Antonio Spurs, Hubie Brown, Mike D'Antoni Coaching Notes

As the NBA season comes to a close, I wanted to offer some special sets and coaching notes from the NBA's best coaches. You can download any and all of these notes for free.

Boston Celtics Pre-Draft Workout & Practice Notes -

Spurs and Poppovich Favorite Sets and Drills -

Hubie Brown Coaching eBook - Download this coaching legend's playbook and gameplan for success.

Mike D'Antoni Coaching Offensive Sets - These are some of his favorite sets that he runs with the NY Knicks in his uptempo European style offense. Download the notes for free:

How to Coach The Princeton Offense eBook

The mystery of the Princeton Offense is unveiled in this masterful eBook! The star of the offense is the "back door cut," which Princeton has used for years to slay bigger opponents. The eBook shares the key drills that the Princeton team works on, every day, to perfect the offense and also teaches concepts such as the dribble handoff, fake handoff, weak side exchange, freeze dribble, butt screens, pick and roll and many more. How to execute the offense using the Point to Wing Series, the High Post Scissors, the Chin Series and the UCLA Series are all diagrammed and dissected.
Each series contains a number of options to maximize versatility, including combo plays such as Chin Series to UCLA Series. Never again will the Princeton Offense be seen as an intricate system! This eBook shows how to incorporate the game''s finest fundamentals into an exciting, potent offense. Piece by piece you will see why this offense has struck panic into teams for years.

Once you have mastered the building blocks of Princeton's offensive system, you will be able to create easy scoring opportunities for your team! This eBook gives you the insider's view of how practice is structured to develop individual and team skills, discipline, court-vision, and court-awareness.

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