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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Don Haskins & the NBA's Best Plays and Individual Workouts

Don Haskins was a legend in his own time for starting five black players while the head coach at Texas Western when they played Adolph Rupp's team for the 1966 NCAA National Championship. Disney made his story into the movie entitled Glory Road. I found this article and was amazed at the life of this man even after he had retired.

Check it out here:

This is an article that includes quotes from Bobby Knight on Coach Haskins:

Also updated to our coaching notes is a collection of NBA plays and individual workouts. Included is a collection of the Phoenix Suns offensive sets (8 pages) and a dozen other NBA coaches. This is a fantastic set of notes that includes the Boston Celtic's Individual Skill Development Guru Kevin Eastman as well as Kloppenburg's SOS Defensive System. Also included is the 1974 LA Laker Playbook at just over 43 pages. Just look below at what is offered in this set and learn from the world's best coaches.

Phoenix Suns Offense - 8 pages
1974 Laker Playbook - 43 pages
Greg Poppovich Favorite Drills & Motion Offense
SOS Defensive System - 31 slides Powerpoint
NBA Pre-Draft Camp Notes
Utah Jazz Philosophy
Charlotte Bobcats Scouting Report of Utah Jazz
Chicago Bulls Training Camp
Detroit Pistons Training Camp
WNBA Indiana Fever - 2 Practice Plans
Boston Celtics Practice Plan
Larry Brown Myrtle Beach Clinic Notes
Jeff Van Gundy - Knicks Defensive Philosophy - 15 pages
Bullets Open Post Offense
Steve Nash Shooting
Golden State Warrior Out of Bounds Plays
NBA Eurolive Tour Notes
Kevin Eastman Individual Improvement Notes
Kevin Eastman - 26 Skill Development Drills
Hubie Brown Special Situations
Hubie Brown How to Win with Less Talent
Hubie Brown Playbook for Success
Eric Musselman - Motivation and Coaching
Mike Dunlap Defensive Philosophy

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