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Friday, September 5, 2008

Basketball Conditioning Drills & Best Practice Drills Collection including Dribble Drive Drills

This is our latest edition to the collection. We have included the Best Basketball Conditioning Drills as well as the Best Practice Drills to get everyone ready for the start of basketball season. Enjoy and feel free to email me with any trades or updates!

Basketball Conditioning Drills - includes Duke's Agility & Defensive Drills, the Chicago Bulls Training Regimen, a high school program's complete workout, a spreadsheet workout plan, HIT conditioning, 2 sets of Alan Stein notes, and more. Over 250 pages of notes and plans...

Best Practice Drills Collection - includes 150 pages of the Memphis Coaching Retreat, Larry Brown Practice Ideas, 4 Seasons High School Complete System from man to man, zone, practice, UOOB, everything, 37 Essential Skills for Coaching by Eric Mussellman (NBA), Don Meyer Practice Planning 60 pages, Brian Gregory's 10 Best Practice Drills, Vance Wahlberg's Practice Drills for the Dribble Attack Offense, and many other team practice plans.

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