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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Reviews & Top 5 Defensive Clinic Notes

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Thank you to everyone that has purchased the DVD and I appreciate your support. Soon I am going to post all of the reviews of the DVD.

Top 5 DEFENSIVE Clinic Notes

These are the ones I thought were the most informed and well put together from the notes that I have collected. I have notes on any topic that you may be interested in from man to man, to junk defenses, to full court presses, to zones, and all you need to do is email me in order to receive them. Let’s share notes.

5. Mike Dunlap’s Defensive Philosophy – This is a small set of 7 pages of notes that discuss his ideas on defense. Now with the Denver Nuggets, Dunlap talks about his ideas on rotating vs. helping and other drills he focuses on to make his teams effective defensively.

4. Dick Bennett’s Pack Line Defense – This collection of notes is over 20 pages and includes his philosophy of the “pack line” and forcing the ball middle. While most defenses push the ball to the baseline, this defense tries to keep the ball middle in order to limit post touches and with the idea that there is no help/recover move because the defense is already in help. This defense has to have a team committed to smart closeouts and an understanding of the “pack line” which is an imaginary line inside the 3 point line at approx. 16 feet. The basic rule is that if your man does not have the ball then you are inside the pack line ready to help while all out pressure forcing the driver middle is put on the ball. A good set of notes to understand the old philosophy of funneling the ball middle.

3. UW Green Bay & Mike Heideman – This is a great collection of notes based on the same “pack line” ideas as Bennett. It is over 25 pages of diagrams, break down drills, and coaching philosophy on this popular defense. Used by many NBA teams, the idea of protecting the gaps in helpside is not new, but the presentation delivered in these notes is excellent to help coaches understand this system.

2. Jim Calhoun’s Multiple Zone Defenses – Calhoun is a master teacher/coach and this collection of 20 pages of notes covers his 2-2-1 zone press, 1-3-1 zone, and match-up zone. Also included with this set of notes are his breakdown drills for the different defenses. I have included this as a basic guide of a 2-2-1 zone press and odd front zone defenses. Effective in his teaching, this is a good starting point for coaches wanting to learn more about these types of zone defenses.

1. Ernie Wood’s SOS Pressure Defense – This is a PowerPoint presentation of 31 slides with detailed pictures of the basic slides and terminology of this defense. Kloppenburg, a former NBA assistant, also makes a case for the reasons to play this style of defense and shows many of the adjustments that can be made. All out disruption similar to Bobby Huggins’ box defense, it is a different way to defend and has to be committed to 100% to be effective.

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