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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

NBA Miami Heat, KY State Tourney & Princeton Offense

I just got my hands on some NBA stuff that I will post soon. It is a huge manual that is basically the Miami Heat playbook when Riley was there. It has all the NBA defenses and offenses. Most people dont believe the NBA runs anything and that all they do is come down and shoot. Nothing could be further from the truth and they do try to score in the break, but almost everything they do is a read/set least according to this mini-book that I have.

Coaches, I am interested in hearing from you on this one. Can you win championships running the Princeton offense? I have ran this in the past and it is fantastic if you want to stay close with a more talented team and is a motion offense that will help you later in the season. BUT have any teams won championships running this offense? I am interested in hearing more from you. Thanks!

The state of Kentucky has the best state tournament in the country. Only one champion from the entire state...there is no class system. I think there are a few other states that do this (New Jersey & Vermont), but I am not sure if they sell out each session with over 15 - 20,000 people in attendance. I just watched Mason County beat Louisville Holmes with Darius Miller (UK signee) leading the way. Oh yeah, somebody better sign Scotty Hopson (University Heights), he is the most talented player I have seen in a long time...6'5" athletic that can finish in a variety of ways...nice floaters in the lane...NBA player.

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