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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Feedback & March Madness Conspiracy

Coaches who have bought the DVD, please send me some feedback. What did you like? Was the organization helpful? Etc.

March Madness is here...I am not a big conspiracy theory guy, but the next time you watch a televised game see if this happens. Division one schools have media timeouts at 4 minute intervals. They have them at 16 mins, 12, 8, and 4 on the next dead ball. For example, if the ball is called dead at 16:02 then they have to continue play until the time is under 16 minutes and would stop the clock as soon as 15:59 if they could.

Where is the conspiracy? Well, let me guarantee you that as soon as the clock runs below one of these benchmarks you are going to see the most ticky-tack, "nickel dimer" foul you have ever witnessed. Just WATCH! I can promise the next time you see a D1 game, you won't see it in the same light...there is going to be a push, handcheck, 3 second in the lane, illegal screen...something to stop the game so we can go to commercial.

I think that as a coach, I would have a play that we would run when the clock got under these times to get the ball into the post or to drive at the other team's best player. There will be a foul called and you will be at commercial before the announcers can ask...what happened there?

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