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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"HOW TO SCRIMMAGE" by Gregg Popovich of the San Antonio Spurs

Coaches you have got to try this drill. It is called "3 Ways" *You can run this drill for 30 minutes if you want to. (This is a controlled Scrimmage)

1. This is a five on five drill full court. Team A against Team B

2. You play to ten points. You get one point for scoring and one point for a stop. *Even if a kid makes a three point shot it counts one point. (You will need a score keeper)

3. Team A is on offense and Team B is on defense. You call a set and throw the ball to team A's point guard. They will run the play, now we are in regular basketball going full court. Team B will now try and score on the far end of the floor and then Team A will come back to the original end and try and score here (do you see 3 Ways?) (This is a great time to work on your secondary break)

4. After they go down and back (Team A would have been on offense twice) they will throw the ball to you the coach and you will start over again, but this time Team B will be on offense first?

5. If the ball goes out of bounds under a goal you can run an out of bounds play.

6. Coach Popovich likes this drill because he is controlling the scrimmage and they are not just ripping and running while scrimmaging out of control. You can teach after they go down and back.

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