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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Coach K: The Best Never Rest

Nearly three months after cutting down the nets in Indianapolis, the 63-year-old Krzyzewski insisted he's feeling plenty refreshed as he prepares for the U.S. national team's training camp next month in Las Vegas.

"I'm on to the next thing, and the next thing is getting better as a basketball coach," Krzyzewski said Monday during his annual midsummer news conference. "You've got to get better each year, so the opportunity to coach the United States gives me an opportunity to get better. I'll coach this summer more than anybody in the United States.

"As long as I take my breaks and stay fresh, I think that's a good thing," he added. "You would want the guy defending you (in a courtroom) to get better in law. You would want the guy or woman treating you in health to keep up to date, and I think as long as you're in any profession, you should get better, because it's constantly changing."

"I'm a basketball coach all the time. That's what I do. I don't play golf. I chase my dog, or he chases me, and I whack down some trees and bushes and play with my grandkids and drink a little bit of wine," a smiling Krzyzewski said.

"I like to socialize, but I'm a basketball coach every day of my life."

Coach K is one of the best coaches of all time and one of the best active coaches in the game today. What has made him so special has been his ability to adapt and adopt as the game has changed. He has experimented with the Dribble Drive Motion as well as European Ball Screen concepts that he picked up from D'Antoni. The point is that he is constantly evolving as a basketball coach....and he just won his 4th NCAA championship. If he is working this hard to improve, what are the rest of us doing?

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