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Friday, May 8, 2009

Basketball Coaching Secrets of the Princeton Style Offense Revealed

We recently put this eBook together that outlines our entire offensive package. We include the Princeton offense and its breakdown sets along with our under out of bounds, side out of bounds, quick hitters, press breaks and more. This is the total package.

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The "Terrific Twenty" Rules for the Princeton-Style Offense

1) If you can pass, dribble, and shoot well, you will always dictate to the defense what they do. If you can't and are not fundamentally sound, they will dictate what you do.
2) You must always see and think on the court, in that order.
3) Don't ever become stationary(stop moving) for more than one second, even if you have the ball, unless you are in the post. Think continuous movement.
4) If overplayed by a defender, don't wait to burn him- go backdoor immediately.
5) If defense is playing you inside, go outside. If the defense is playing you outside, go inside.
6) Hard cuts to the middle will open up the perimeter - cut with conviction!!
7) Make sure you look at the ball when you cut -- be ready for a pass.
8) If you cut through and don't receive the ball, get outside to the perimeter as quickly as possible.
9) Do the opposite of whatever the defense does. :
10) The purpose of the dribble is to get a defender out of position, so dribble with a purpose and in one direction.
11) If you are dribbled at by a teammate, look to go backdoor if played tightly.
12) Be ready to roll back or to the basket on all screens -- go opposite of wherever the cutter goes.
13) Keep good spacing (15-18 feet).
14) If you see there is weak-side help on defense, look to skip opposite and make them pay.
15) Don't go to the ball when closely guarded--go backdoor.
16) With few exceptions, cutters should go opposite of where they came from when going through.
17) Lay-ups and three pointers are what we want to get, in that order.
18) It doesn't matter who scores, as long as someone does.
19) Shots are missed because they are bad shots or the shooter doesn't think they can make them - take good shots!
20) Work hard to make things easy.

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